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Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter Tips

Autor*in: Foss, Jenny

Jahr: 2019


Cover letters offer job seekers an opportunity to explain how their education, skills, and experiences line up directly with the job they're vying for. A great cover letter connects the dots for hiring managers-and allows applicants to showcase a bit of their personality in the process. In this course, career strategist and Certified Professional Resume Writer Jenny Foss answers some of the most common questions people ask about how to create a memorable, results-generating cover letter. Get tips on how to tie your strengths to what the employer is seeking, explain missing skills, address a career gap, ensure that decision-makers actually read your letter, and land the interview.

Titel: Cover Letter Tips

Autor*in: Foss, Jenny

Verlag: LinkedIn

Kategorie: eLearning, Berufliche Weiterbildung, Betriebswirtschaftliche Kenntnisse

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