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Female Leadership: Career

Female Leadership: Career

Autor*in: McLaughlin, Catriona; Wiese, Prof. Dr. Bettina

Jahr: 2021


Why women still lead less often than men on the job - Many women would like to take on a responsible leadership position - only to come up against old structures and prejudices in companies. However, resistance also exists in society, which does not make it easy for them to take on a leadership position due to existing clichés. In Germany, people still judge working mothers quite harshly. In the video course "Female Leadership: Career", we show a variety of ways how this view can finally change and how results can follow. Skilfully using the networks with the right mindset - To ensure that not every woman fights on her own, there are now numerous networks and initiatives that promote the topic of female leadership in Germany. In the video course, three networks and a personnel consultancy show how important it is for women to support each other and get in touch with others. Female networking can be a great help in career planning. In addition, successful women such as Simone Menne, Fränzi Kühne, Tijen Onaran or Katja Kraus will give personal tips on how to succeed in empowerment. You reveal how you yourself have managed to reconcile your job and your family. The illusion of work-life balance - this is how returning to work really works - Prof. Bettina Wiese, PhD, work and organisational psychologist at the University of Aachen, highlights the reasons why, in her view, women and especially mothers are still poorly represented in leadership positions and work full-time less often than men. Employers will also learn what they can do to make it easier for mothers to return to work. Position yourself and your company now to be forward-looking and competitive. You will learn how to do this in this video course.

Titel: Female Leadership: Career

Autor*in: McLaughlin, Catriona; Wiese, Prof. Dr. Bettina

Verlag: Zeit Akademie

Kategorie: eLearning, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Leadership & Change

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